Welcome in the gkube homepage!!

What is??
Is it special??
What do I need??
How to install??
How does it look??


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GKube 0.1

What is??

gkube is an OpenSource program for playing with rubik cubes.
I know that there is yet a lot of programs for playing with them, but at least this is free and it is for Linux!!!
If you don't know what is Linux or you don't have it, sorry, this site is not for you!!

Does it really have something special??

It also allows you to build cubes... :-)


It is (I hope) quite easy.
You just have to create a text file that contains the information about the vertices of the solid (You won't need to do this, beacause I include a lot of this files), and then, using the dialog window, to "cut" the cube and add moves...
Of course you don't have to build cubes, there is a quite good collection!!! But if you do, please send me them here.
They will be added to the program and you will be credited!!!

What do i need to install it??

You must have gtk (safe, almost every linux compuer have it!!), and the GtkGLArea widget, it is required to use OpenGL with gtk...
You must have OpenGL too, of course...
I works quite well either with Mesa emulation and with y NVidia card (but boo to NVidia for not releasing there specs :-( )...

It looks like...

Do you want a few screenshots?? Here they are!!

How to install??

You just have to:
  1. Download

    Get the source here (367 Kb)

  2. Unpack

    Open the terminal and type:

    tar -xzvf gkube.tar.gz

    cd gkube

  3. Compile



  4. Run!


  5. Enjoy!! :-)
  6. What are you still doing here???


Most programs to play with rubik's cubes are for Micro$oft Windoze and, like for almost every windoze program, you have to pay for them :-). This is FREE and under GPL!!!You can modify it as you want, but if you do, you cannot sell the program and it **MUST** be opensource.

Please don't ask me a Windoze version of this program, because i will **NEVER** do it!!!!!


Maurizio Monge (= me) monge@linuz.sns.it
Please send me e-mails with suggestions, bug reports, new cubes, etc...!!!

With the help of:
Dario Saccavino dario@linuz.sns.it
Piotr Karwasz karwasz@student.dm.unipi.it